Loyola University Chicago

Office of Civic Engagement

Individual Citizenship

Civic Engagement will also continue to engage Loyola students as equipment managers/election judges for suburban Cook County, engaging an average of 200 students each election.

The Office will also work pro-actively with SGLC, other student organizations, and the Office of Student Development to facilitate voter registration activities, in accordance with Loyola’s Guidelines on Political Activities. Working with the Provost’s Office, the Office will also bear responsibility for coordinating events and activities around the National Constitution Day in September.

The Office will also work with both external and internal partners to develop and expand opportunities for civil discourse, particularly those which engage students. In addition to the “On the Table” programs, the Office will frame events and activities which engage positions across the political spectrum, and which highlight best practices in civil discourse, and in advocacy. These events will be developed in very close association with the Provost’s Office, and with the Advancement Division.