Loyola University Chicago

Office of Civic Engagement

Government Engagement

Under the direction of the Vice President, the Office of Civic Engagement will continue to manage the university’s agenda at the federal, state, and local levels, building relationships and engaging elected officials and staff in pursuit of that agenda.

The Office will also work closely with the Advancement Division and the Provost’s Office to identify federal and state grant opportunities, helping to match faculty research with the appropriate agency, facilitate the grant approval process, and obtain support from relevant elected officials where appropriate and effective.

The Office will continue to engage the Loyola community in grassroots advocacy for programs such as MAP Grants and DACA, and will also explore expanding these activities to community members and alumni, where that would be appropriate and effective.

At the federal level, the Office will coordinate with the AJCU, the ACCU, ACE, and NAICU to maximize Loyola’s advocacy on higher education issues, including but not limited to:

  • The Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act
  • Title IV appropriations for student financial aid
  • Title IX
  • Tax Reform
  • The Dream Act

At the state level, the Office will coordinate with FIICU and other state colleges and universities to advocate for MAP Grants, and other higher education legislation as need arises.

The Office also positions the university as a resource for units of government and elected officials in all branches and levels of government, for example facilitating appropriate requests for facilities, and hosting roundtables and press conferences on areas of mutual interest.

The Office will also pro-actively seek to engage Loyola faculty doing research in areas of public policy with relevant elected officials and agencies, highlighting their work, and facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships.