Loyola University Chicago

Office of Civic Engagement

State Government

For information on what is going on in Illinois, see here!

Rambler Representation 

Executive Branch 

Governor: JB Pritzker 

Lieutenant Governor: Juliana Stratton

Legislative Branch - Loyola University Caucus


Loyola University Caucus of the 101st Illinois General Assembly


Illinois Senate


President John Cullerton (Alum.) - 6th Senate District 

Omar Aquino (Alum.) 2nd Senate District 

Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (Alum.) 49th Senate District 

Jacqueline Collins (Student) - 16th Senate District 

Don Harmon (Hon. Rambler) - 39th Senate District 

Mattie Hunter (Campus Rep.) - 3rd Senate District 

Kimberly Lightford (Campus Rep.) - 4th Senate District  

Dan McConchie (Campus Rep.) - 26th Senate District 

Robert Peters (Campus Rep.) - 13th Senate District 

Martin Sandoval (Alum.) - 11th Senate District 

Elgie Sims (Alum.) - 17th Senate District 

Heather Steans (Campus Rep.) - 7th Senate District 

Craig Wilcox (Campus Rep.) - 32nd Senate District 


Illinois House of Representatives


Speaker Michael J. Madigan (Alum.) - 22nd District 

Kam Buckner (Campus Rep.) - 26th District 

Assistant Majority Leader Kelly Burke (Faculty) - 36th District 

Kelly M. Cassidy (Campus Rep.) - 14th District 

Assistant Majority Leader Fred Crespo (Alum; Parent) - 44th District 

Jim Durkin (Attended) - 82nd District  

Mary Edly-Allen (Campus Rep.) - 51st District 

Sara Feigenholtz (Aunt) - 12th District 

LaShawn K. Ford (Alum.) - 8th District 

Greg Harris (Hon. Rambler) - 13th District 

Robyn Gabel (Alum.) - 18th District  

Thaddeus Jones (Alum.) - 29th District 

Camille Lilly (Hon. Rambler) - 78th District 

Lamont Robinson Jr. (Campus Rep.) - 5th District 

Tom Weber (Campus Rep.) - 64th District 

Emanuel Chris Welch (Campus Rep.) - 7th District