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Ramble Outdoors

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Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

Ramble Outdoors integrates the Loyola University Chicago student promise of care for self, care for others, and care for the environment by providing educational experiences. Using the outdoors as classrooms, students participate in challenging and intentional, group-based activities that provide space for reflection and leadership development.

Core values

The following core values of Outdoor Experiential Education allow us to best serve the Loyola community while maintaining the commitment to our mission. As a community of practice,
We value:
•    Working in collaborative groups
•    Intentional design
•    Retreat from the everyday
•    The natural world
•    Safe-space for individuals
•    Reflection that leads to action
•    Personal growth and social transformation
•    Having fun
•    Mentorship and on-going feedback
•    Providing challenge

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