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Climbing Classes

Climbing Coaches currently offer two climbing classes at the Rock Wall. Climbing class dates will be updated as classes are scheduled.  Interested individuals can register at the front desk in Halas or at campusrec.luc.edu

Learn to Belay

In the Learn to Belay class, climbers will be introduced to climbing and belaying equipment (harnesses, carabiners, ATCs) and they will learn correct belay technique and proper system checks.  After the completion of the Learn to Belay class, participants will be able to take the skills tests to become belay qualified at the Halas rock wall.  No registration fee, and a sign up calendar is available at the Halas Rock Wall.

Available classes:
     Monday, September 24th
     Tuesday, September 25th
     Monday, October 1st
     Tuesday, October 2nd

Intro to Climbing

In this Intro to Climbing class, climbers will participate in three one-hour sessions where they will learn the fundamentals to top-rope climbing and bouldering. The first session consists of learning about climbing equipment and how to belay; the second and third sessions will include understanding climbing routes and route ratings, learning the differences in climbing holds, and several introductory techniques to use while climbing. In this intimate setting (3-5 participants), climbers will be able to get individual pointers from their climbing coach.

Movement and Technique

Pre-requisite: Climbers must be belay qualified at the Halas Rock Wall and be able to climb a 5.8.

In this Movement and Technique class, climbers will build on their foundational rock climbing skills in two 90-minute sessions. Climbers will learn more advanced climbing techniques and will have the opportunity for one-on-one feedback from their climbing coach. During this class, climbers will work on routes and problems one rating above their current climbing level.

Questions? Contact Brandi Bates at bbates@luc.edu or outdoors@luc.edu or 773-508-2366.