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Off-Campus Student Life

Division of Student Development

Off-Campus Living Seminar (For Residential Students)

A Comprehensive Guide for Residential Students Planning to Transition Off-Campus

All sophomores and juniors planning to live off campus during the 2018-2019 academic year are required to complete the Online Off-Campus Living Seminar.

All residential students transitioning to live off-campus are required to complete the Off-Campus Living Seminar.  This seminar is intended to educate students about the process of choosing a roommate, finding an apartment, signing a lease, and addressing apartment issues.  This requirement is designed to prepare you for knowing your rights and/or managing challenges that may arise when living off-campus.

During the month of February, you will be prompted to notify Residence Life of your intention to secure on-campus housing for the following academic year. Should you not complete an application, you will receive a targeted e-mail with instruction on how to access the online Off-Campus Living Seminar. This seminar should take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. 

Detailed instructions on how to complete this seminar will be provided to required students via e-mail mid February.

Students currently studying abroad or plan to study abroad and plan to reside off-campus for all or part of the academic year are required to complete the seminar.

Students graduating in May of 2019 are not required to complete the seminar. Graduating students may still receive messages as they have not yet registered for graduation. However, conduct flags will not be issued to graduating students.