Loyola University Chicago

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

What is Institutional Research?

As summarized by Association for Institutional Research (AIR), “Institutional research is the sum total of all activities directed at describing the full spectrum of functions (educational, administrative and support) occurring within a college or university.  Institutional research activities examine those functions in their broadest definitions, and embrace data collection and analytical strategies in support of decision making at the institution.”

In Loyola’s Office of Institutional Research, our primary purpose is supporting the University and its mission. Here are just some of the ways in which we do that:

  • Collecting, analyzing, interpreting and disseminating data in a timely way

  • Supplying administrators with empirical data as needed for their policy- and decision-making. 
  • Measuring, describing and documenting institutional effectiveness, including coordinating assessments, evaluations and the accreditation process
  • Serving as the official clearinghouse for university data collected from other internal university offices and from external sources such as national surveys
  • Providing accurate, reliable data to internal and external constituents, including:
    • Characterizing the university quantitatively, using measures with nationally accepted definitions
    • Coordinating Loyola’s participation in national studies of higher education
    • Reporting updated university information to annual college guides and rankings
    • Responding to ad hoc data requests, internally and externally
    • Coordinating with Enrollment Management to produce enrollment projections
    • Complying with external reporting requirements of state and federal governments, and other entities including IPEDS, North Central Association (accreditation), other regional and national accrediting bodies, bond agencies, National Student Loan Clearinghouse, etc.

  • Initiating and conducting studies and surveys within the university community

  • Providing research consultation to the university community

  • Comparing Loyola to its peer institutions