Loyola University Chicago

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Annual Assessment

Loyola University Chicago’s academic units and programs are expected to be continuously assessing how their students are meeting learning objectives and how programs can be shaped to foster improved learning. This process takes place through the assessment process described below and with the support of the University's course evaluation system: SmartEvals.

Loyola Policy for Assessing Student Learning

At Loyola University Chicago, the Office of the Provost, in consultation with the Council of Deans, requires that each academic unit and each distinct curricular program develops measurable learning outcomes for students, implements plans to support students in meeting these outcomes, and assesses what students have learned, the means by which they learned, and the effectiveness of the learning process.  While assessment and program review are required elements of Loyola’s Higher Learning Commission institutional accreditation process, the primary utility of assessment for use by faculty and staff to continuously reflect on and refine their courses, programs and supports for student learning. 

To facilitate a dynamic and reflective faculty and staff discussion about learning outcomes and assessment OIE will convene an Assessment Advisory Committee. The Assessment Advisors will review the university vision and requirements for assessing student learning and development. The Assessment Advisors will consider how and if they can serve as an important facilitators of faculty and staff dialogue about teaching the learning. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports the assessment of student learning and aims to scaffold the work of units so that they can carry out and use meaningful assessments of the highest quality feasible.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning at Loyola University Chicago is framed by a vision of ideals that start at the university level and are then aligned across each academic unit (college, school, institute, department, division) and each distinct curricular program (core, undergraduate majors and minors, certificate, post baccalaureate, graduate). These are the foundation for the Student Learning Outcomes around which Loyola conducts institution-, program-, project-, and course-level assessments. A learning outcome at Loyola is defined as a statement describing the knowledge, skills, values, dispositions, attitudes, and/or experiences that students should acquire through completion of a course or program of study. Intended learning outcomes should be stated in measurable terms.

Links to Student Learning Outcomes at Loyola University Chicago can be found here (Program Learning Outcomes).

At the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and across the university there are supports available to scaffold the work of units and individuals so that they can carry out efficient and reflective assessments of the highest quality feasible in order to move towards consistent excellence and continuous improvement in fostering student learning.