Loyola University Chicago

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Diversity Report 2017-18

Loyola University Chicago 2017–18 Annual Report on Diversity

Our 2017–18 diversity report shows a steady, progressive movement towards greater diversity, with 40 tables of data supporting the conclusion that Loyola is a very diverse university in terms of minorities and women—near or exceeding most peer benchmark comparisons. The data presented in the report shows a positive, incremental change in the number and percentage of women and minorities in all areas: faculty, students, and staff.

In this report, you will find statistics and summaries about faculty, staff, and student diversity, as well as attrition and graduation rates by race/ethnicity and degrees awarded to minorities at the undergraduate and graduate/professional levels.

The report includes a summary from the Provost’s Office, which outlines new diversity programming, including a faculty orientation workshop on diversity issues in the classroom, as well as new search committee workshop modules on preventing implicit bias in the faculty hiring process, executing a diverse hiring plan, and strategies for creating searches that are more likely to yield diverse candidates. New diversity-related course offerings for students are also outlined in the report, including Understanding Bias, a freshman-level course designed to help students recognize and address their own biases.

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