Loyola University Chicago

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

U.S. News & World Report 2019-20

Loyola University Chicago 2019–20 U.S. News & World Report Ranking Update

The 2019-20 U.S. News rankings shows that Loyola University dropped from 89th to 104th (See Table 1 in the linked report). Loyola was ranked 104th with an overall score of 51 (Loyola’s score last year was 52). This decrease was predicted by OIE even at the time of the release of last year’s rankings. Our rise from 103 in the 2018 survey to last year’s position of 89 was mainly due to the increase in the six year graduation rate (that graduation rate was the highest in Loyola’s history, 77%, and was generated by a concatenation of factors that were not likely to be repeated, and in fact were not repeated, the next year). Our graduation rate for the past year was 74% so a decrease in the overall ranking was to be expected. The graph in the linked report shows Loyola’s actual and predicted graduation rates over the past 10 years. More recently, the actual rates surpassed the predicted rates. In the current report the actual rate was only 4 percent higher than the predicted whereas in 2018 there was difference of 8.

Graduation/retention rate is the single most impactful factor in the US News ratings (carrying 35% weight); last year our ranking in this scale was 74 (out of 301 schools), this year it is 112 (out of 399). Last year our grad/retention ranking was higher than our overall score, this year it is lower.

Another factor effecting our ranking is that US News added 80 additional schools to the national university rankings. Four of these (Santa Clara, Loyola Marymount, Gonzaga and Elon) ranked higher that Loyola this year.

Peer Assessment: There are a number of positive results in this year’s survey. One of the significant ones is the peer assessment ranking. US News surveys presidents, chief academic officers and deans of admissions who rank universities on a 1-5 scale. Loyola’s peer assessment score this year (a category which represents 20% of the overall score) is 3.2, the highest in history (the score was 3.0 last year).

Social Mobility Index: For the first time this year, US News computes a social mobility index, which measures how well schools graduate students who were Pell recipients. They consider the ratio of Pell students’ six year grad rate to the overall grad rate, and give more weight to schools with higher percentages of Pell recipients. Loyola scored 84/399 on this scale.

For many more details of the survey and the US News methodology, please read the report here - U.S. News & World Report Loyola Ranking 2019-2020.