Loyola University Chicago

Office of Institutional Effectiveness


  • Rpt 13-03: Perceptions of First-Year Academic Advising More Positive Than Perceptions of Academic Advising of Seniors in Their Majors (PQNS 2012-13; NSSE 2013)
  • Rpt 13-02: Loyola NSSE Results Show High Levels of Overall Student Engagement, Some Concern with the Supportive Campus Environment for Seniors (NSSE, 2013)
  • Rpt 13-01: Early Social Adjustment More Difficult for New Transfer Students than for New Freshmen (PQNS, 2009-13)


  • Rpt 11-06: New First-Time Freshmen Increasingly See College As a Way to Augment Future Earnings (FS, 2001-10)
  • Rpt 11-05: Important Personal Goals of New Freshmen Include Helping Others in Difficulty and Making Money (FS, 2001-10)
  • Rpt 10-43: New Freshman Adjustment Early in Fall Term (PQNS, 2010)
  • Rpt 10-42: Most New Students Are Stressed, but Report Positive Early Adjustment (PQNS, 2010)
  • Rpt 10-13: School Reputation Important to Incoming Freshmen: Loyola and Comparison Groups (FS, 2009)
  • Rpt 10-12: Goals, Expectations, and the Early Academic Adjustment of New Freshmen (FS, 2009; PQNS, 2009)
  • Rpt 10-05: Loyola Freshmen have Individual Traits That Are Similar to Freshmen at Peer Schools (FS, 2009)
  • Rpt 10-04: Freshmen's High School Behaviors/Experiences Affect Early Academic Adjustment (FS, 2009; PQNS, 2009)
  • Rpt 10-03: The High School Experience of Loyola's New Freshmen (FS, 2001-09)
  • Rpt 09-06: Loyola Students Similar to Those at Other Institutions in Critical Thinking and Writing Skills (CAAP, 2007)
  • Rpt 09-07: Loyola Freshmen May Not Be Sufficiently Prepared Intellectually or Emotionally (FS, 2008)
  • Rpt 09-08: Little Change in Freshmen Over Time, but Slightly More Likely to Expect to Be Satisfied with Loyola (FS, 2001-08)
  • Rpt 09-09: Compared to Peers, Loyola Freshmen Are Less Likely to Expect to Like Their School, but Have Higher Professional Aspirations (FS, 2008)
  • Rpt 09-10: Why Do Students Come to Loyola? (FS, 2008)
  • Rpt 09-27: First Generation College Freshmen Have More Practical Goals and May Be Less Engaged (FS, 2008)
  • Rpt 09-28: Are Incoming Students for Whom Loyola Was Their First Choice Different from Those for Whom It Was Not? (FS, 2007; NSSE, 2008)
  • Rpt 09-29: Predictors of Satisfaction with Loyola (FS, 2007; NSSE, 2008)
  • Rpt 09-39: New Freshmen Adjusting Socially Better than Transfer Students to Life at Loyola (PQNS, 2009)
    Rpt 09-43: Student Engagement of New Freshmen and Transfer Students (NSSE, 2005-09)
  • Rpt 08-13: Incoming Transfer Students Have Less Positive [Orientation] Experiences Than Do New Freshmen (PQNS, 2008)


  • HERI CIRP Freshman Survey (FS)
  • (PFY)
  •  (PQNS)