Loyola University Chicago

Office of Institutional Effectiveness


  • Rpt 13-03: : Perceptions of First-Year Academic Advising More Positive Than Perceptions of Academic Advising of Seniors in Their Majors (PQNS 2012-13; NSSE 2013)
  • Rpt 13-02: Loyola NSSE Results Show High Levels of Overall Student Engagement, Some Concern with the Supportive Campus Environment for Seniors (NSSE, 2013)
  • Rpt 11-10: Graduating Seniors See Value in Jesuit Education (GSES, 2010)
  • Rpt 10-39: Faculty and Peer Mentors Correlate with Personal Growth (BCQ, 2010)
  • Rpt 10-38‌: Religious/Spiritual Behavior of Loyola Seniors (BCQ, 2010)
  • Rpt 10-37: Mentorship and Faculty Interaction (BCQ, 2010)
  • Rpt 10-36: Study Abroad Very Significant to Loyola Experience (BCQ, 2010) 
  • Rpt 10-34: Seniors' Growth in Reflecting on Life and Life Choices (BCQ, 2010)
  • Rpt 09-51: Religiosity and Spirituality Among Loyola Seniors (BCQ, 2008)
  • Rpt 09-14: Graduating Seniors: School Pride, Expected Involvement as Alumni, and Development During Time at Loyola (UGS, 2009)
  • Rpt 09-12: Loyola and Jesuit Peer Institutions: The College Experience and Faith Development of Seniors  (BCQ, 2008)
  • Rpt 09-11: The Religious/Spiritual Development and College Experience of the Loyola Class of 2008 (BCQ, 2008)


  • Boston College Questionnaire About the College Experience (BCQ)
  • Graduating Senior Exit Survey (GSES)
  • Undergraduate Survey (UGS)