Loyola University Chicago

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Survey Policies

Surveys must be for research purpose and have a professor's support. OIE cannot support class projects.
Surveys must have IRB approval and the IRB approval must be submitted with the request.
OIE will not survey the entire population of faculty and/or students and/or staff; OIE will choose a random sample of the population to avoid survey fatigue. OIE will also administer the survey so as not to share large amounts of student, faculty, or staff contact information with students conducting research.
OIE will determine the timing of surveys so as not to conflict with other surveys being administered by the university.
We also want to reiterate that student research projects are among the third level of priorities for us. Other institutional surveys will take precedent. Therefore, if you would like support for OIE for survey distribution, you will want to contact OIE as early in the process as possible.