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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) is grateful to have an increasing number of requests for data and data analysis from both the Loyola community and external sources.  We are very pleased to be able to serve these communities. As the number and scope of these requests have increased, we believe it is important to provide some background and guidelines to allow us to complete your task as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please read this document carefully and indicate you have read this on the next page before going on to the data request form.

  • First, please familiarize yourself with the various types of data we have publicly available on our website (luc.edu/oie).  It is possible that much if not all the data you need is already accessible. 
  • Second, we ask you to keep in mind that much of our work consists of deadline driven required reports to state and federal agencies. Accurate and timely completion of these reports is mandatory; failure to comply could result in significant consequences for Loyola (such as losing all of our federal financial aid assistance).  Loyola has never faced these consequences since we have never missed in a deadline in the over 3 decades OIE (and its predecessor, Institutional Research (IR)) has been in operation. These mandated reports, including bond and regulatory reports and various accreditation reports are our highest priority projects.  Additionally, we are always working on multiple projects on any given day.
  • Requests for distribution lists for survey requests must be made with either a) a completed and approved IRB application, b) an official IRB exemption letter or letter from the appropriate administrator(s) and their direct supervisor(s) (if surveying an LUC population), c) if using a third party vendor to administer the survey, that vendor’s IRB approval to administer the survey and a data management plan.  Please contact OIE@luc.edu if you need assistance with this process.
  • Survey requests must be made following the LUC OIE Survey coordination process.  Please contact OIE@luc.edu for more information about this process.

Please review the above information and then click here to submit a data request.