Loyola University Chicago

Office for International Programs

Meet Our Staff

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Alana Carroll
Office Administrator, Office for International Programs
B.S., University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Studied Abroad in: Australia and New Zealand

Chicago Center / International House


Katie Rooney
Director, Chicago Center & International House
M.Ed., University of Virginia
B.A., University of Notre Dame
Studied Abroad in: Austria
Worked Abroad in: Austria and Germany

Shereen Osbourne (vs)

Shereen Bourne
Coordinator, International House & Chicago Center
M.S., California State University - Fullerton
B.S., Humboldt State University
Studied Abroad in:  Ecuador

Joanna Cappuccilli
Graduate Assistant, Chicago Center
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagin
Studied Abroad in:  Barcelona, Spain

English Language Learning Program

Ryan Nowack
Associate Director, English Language Learning Program
MA English, University of Missouri-St. Louis
B.A. English, Lindenwood University
Lived, Worked, and Learned in Korea for Fifteen Years

Wesley Bauer
Coordinator, English Language Learning Program
M.Ed., Loyola University Chicago
B.A., University of Illinois at Chicago
Worked in Korea

International Student and Scholar Services


Marian Carlson
Associate Director, International Students & Scholars, DSO, ARO
B.A., University of Minnesota


Ryan Radebaugh
Advisor, International Students & Scholars, DSO
M.A., University of Findlay B.A., Bluffton University
Studied Abroad in Mexico
Worked Abroad in South Korea, Costa Rica


Molly Jordan
Advisor, International Students & Scholars, DSO/ARO
M.S., Drexel University
B.A., Marquette University
Studied Abroad in Italy
Worked Abroad in South Korea


Asbel Assefa
Graduate Assistant

Study Abroad


Brian Johnson
Associate Director, Study Abroad
Ph.D., Indiana University
M.A., Indiana University
B.S.Ed., Indiana University
Studied Abroad in: Australia


Jacob Schoofs
Advisor, Study Abroad
M.A./M.Sc., Europa-Universität Flensburg
B.A., Lake Forest College
Studied Abroad in: Germany
Worked Abroad in: Germany

Max Crumley-Effinger
Graduate Assistant
M.Ed., Loyola University Chicago
B.A., Earlham College
Studied/Worked Abroad in: Germany, Austria,
Mexico, China, Italy

University Relations


Mary Bennett
University Relations Coordinator, Vietnam Center
M.Ed., Loyola University Chicago
B.A./B.S.Ed., Loyola University Chicago
Studied Abroad in: Italy and Vietnam

Paula de Voto
Coordinator, John Felice Rome Center
M.A., Loyola University Chicago
B.A., College
Worked abroad in: Italy