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Office for International Programs

Faculty-Led Program Proposals

Leading a faculty-led program is a unique opportunity to provide a high-impact, international learning experience for a group of 10-25 students. Explore the resources below for more information about what a faculty-led program proposal entails. Please note that a limited number of programs will be approved each academic year. Each application will be reviewed by the Overseas Program Approval Committee, comprised of staff from OIP and the Provost's office, according to criteria in the instructions and proposal form. Please review the proposal evaluation criteria carefully prior to submitting your proposal, and ensure that each point is clearly addressed within the content of your proposal.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please use the link below to request a Program Proposal FormThe deadline for proposals for 2018-2019 academic year programs is May 15, 2018.

Proposal Steps

  1. Review the Faculty-Led Program Handbook. If you are new to proposing faculty-led programs, please contact Brian Johnson, Associate Director of Study Abroad (bjohnson18@luc.edu, 773-508-3899) for more information about OIP's Program Development Workshops.
  2. Using the Program Proposal Instructions and Criteria document, create a draft of your program proposal and discuss it with your department chair and the Dean of your college/school. This is necessary because they will need to sign off on the program in the Program Leader Agreement form (see step 3, below).
  3. With the (a) Chair of your Department Chair, and (b) Dean of your School/College, complete and sign the Program Leader Agreement form. This will be uploaded in the Program Proposal Form (see step 5, below).
  4. Click the link below to request a Faculty-Led Program Proposal form. The proposal form will then be sent to you over email.
  5. Complete the Program Proposal Form using the link you received in your email; to access the form again if you close it, use the same link from your email.
  6. Please be prepared to upload the following documents:
    • Draft Syllabus
    • Sample Itinerary
    • Program Leader CV
    • Secondary Faculty Leader CV (if applicable)
    • Program Assistant CV (if applicable)
    • Program Leader Agreement, signed by Department Chair and Dean

>>Request a Program Proposal Form