Loyola University Chicago

Office for International Programs

April 2017


Home Town: Martinez, CA

Major: M.Ed. in Higher Education Student Development

Why did you choose to come to Loyola?

After making the decision to further my education, I began looking at what schools offered my program. I applied all over the country. Personally I am more drawn to urban locations, and I wanted to leave my home metro of San Francisco to explore the country. I narrowed it down to San Diego, Austin, New York and Chicago. Loyola had the magical blend of urban environment, and higher ed program that I wanted. Plus, as a Jesuit institution, there is a strong emphasis in social justice within the curriculum.

What have you enjoyed so far about living in the International House?

I think I will enjoy getting to know the students who are living at the International house.

Where do you go in Chicago for fun?

I’m a huge lover of public art. The first thing I did when I moved to Chicago was go to Cloud Gate (the Bean). I also love the skyscrapers downtown. I LOVE tall buildings, I love looking at the way different buildings are decorated, some have beautiful crowning, some have intricate stone works. I love Giordano's, and Seoul Taco. I’m a huge foodie. The Lake Shore is also really pretty especially when the skyline is visible.

Have you traveled anywhere outside of the U.S.?

I have been to Mexico, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Gibralter, Scotland, and England.

I also love traveling within the US and it's a personal goal to visit all 50 states. So far, I have visited 25 plus DC.

What will you miss most about the International House/Loyola/Chicago?

My favorite part about living in the Ihouse is the shared kitchen; its a great way to see the people who we all live with while also finding tasty way to nourish our bodies.