Loyola University Chicago

Office for International Programs

December 2014


Home country: Japan

Major: Economics

What do you like about living in the I-House?

I have many Brazilian, Chinese, Korean friends so I can learn a lot of different languages.  It’s interesting and fun living here.

What was your favorite event?

The Japanese Cultural Party because I could introduce Japanese food and everyone could have a taste. And everyone was thankful.  We taught everyone how to write their name in Japanese also. It was interesting and fun.

Where do you go for fun in Chicago?

Millennium Park, where the famous Bean is.  We can take a lot of photos and have fun. Also Lewis Towers is a lot of fun.  Living in Chicago is fun so I really like it.  But the weather is terrible so I prefer Japanese weather.  But my favorite place in Chicago is Millennium Park.

Have you been able to travel around the United States?

I went to Las Vegas this past Thanksgiving break and went to many of the National Parks. And I went to Boston for a career forum to find job. But I didn’t enjoy it because I had to prepare for interviews.  It was fun though because I went to the Boston Red Sox field and took pictures.

What will you miss most about I-House?

I will miss my friends! I might cry when I leave!