Loyola University Chicago

Office for International Programs

December 2016


Home Town: Naperville, IL, USA

Major: Social Work

Why did you choose to come to Loyola?

I could go on forever about how much I love Loyola but to start off, I am studying at Loyola and loving it because of the social justice, service, and faith values that are embedded in its foundation. In each of my classes so far, we have talked about these values. And also all my professors so far have taught from a genuine passion for learning and sincerely really care about us (thank you!!!) Ok so the location… Can you believe I am at the computer in the library and if I walked maybe fifteen steps to my right I’d be in the lake??? We are so fortunate to have a feeling of community on a campus while also being so close to all the wonderful things of the city. I love swimming at the beach but I also love riding my bike to Devon for all the food!

What have you enjoyed so far about living in the International House?

This has been my favorite part of Loyola. I think at every school we always struggle to find our community that we feel welcomed in. I-house is this community for so many of us. We are so fortunate to have a kitchen where we can all hangout, cook, and share food with each other! I also now know how to say goodnight in eight different languages!!! Of course you get out of the community what you put in, but the I-house makes that a lot easier.

Where do you go in Chicago for fun?

I loved swimming at the beach in August and the beginning of September. But most importantly, I love to ride my bike to get food. Most of the time though, for good food, you will not have to leave I-house. But if you do, Devon is a short ways away and is flowing with good food. Also Insomnia cookies delivers…

Have you traveled anywhere outside of the U.S.?

I have gotten to travel to Costa Rica, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Spain. I hope to spend more time in the Middle East because I really love the food and culture!

What will you miss most about the International House/Loyola/Chicago?

I will miss most the kitchen when it is full of people cooking and eating. A house will never be as full. This community we have is so special. I guess community continues after college but not in this way. I will miss having Lulu next to me when we are both writing an essay at three in the morning because we both procrastinated it until then. And I will miss my roommate when she no longer sleeps in the same bed with me haha.