Loyola University Chicago

Office for International Programs

March 2015

He Wanyi

Home Country: China

Major: English Literature 

Why did you choose to come to Loyola?

First, because Loyola is in Chicago and Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. It’s a big city. It’s a center of culture, economics, and trade. And it’s one of the most influential cities in the world. I think Loyola will be a great city. Of course, Loyola has a great relationship with my university and I heard the Chicago Center program is great. My friends went to Loyola before and all told me it was a great school and that I must come.

Where do you go in Chicago for fun?

I love shopping with my friends. We have been to the shopping outlets of Chicago. Also we went to two beautiful museums with the Chicago Center. We enjoyed some beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Have you traveled anywhere else in the US? Where was your favorite?

Yes, but when I was three years old. I’ve traveled to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC with my father during his studies. But I haven’t been here for about 17 years so it’s great to be in Chicago. I am looking forward to go to New York City. I also plan on going to Orlando in May to visit Disney World.

What has been your favorite event at the I-House?

Definitely, the Chinese New Year festival. The International House was so sweet to plan this event for us to celebrate. We are all homesick but when I went to this festival, it felt like home. We also taught others from different cultures how to make dumplings and listened to Chinese songs. I think it’s a great way to learn about other cultures and they’re all very nice.

What will you miss most about the International House/Loyola/Chicago?

I don’t want to think about leaving because it will make me sad! I love this place. The things I will miss most are friends and teachers here. The teachers are so nice. When I first moved here, Katerina helped me with my luggage and told me everything I need to set up. And Jason helped with the small things like teaching me how to clean the toilet. I think it’s very touching. And the friends here, we met in the kitchen and cook and share our food. No matter we are friends or not, I like to share my food. The atmosphere here is very friendly, relaxing, and convenient.