Loyola University Chicago

Office for International Programs

October 2015


Home Country: China

Major: Translation and Interpretation

Why did you choose to come to Chicago?  

I wanted to come to America and I’m studying English so I thought I should go to a Western country to get more practice. I heard about the Chicago Center program and I was really interested in it because we can take any courses here at Loyola, which I think is perfect. We also have two trips to Washington DC and Los Angeles and we can explore Chicago, which I think is perfect.  I also heard Chicago has a lot of delicious food, art museums, unique architecture. So I think it’s a great opportunity to explore somewhere new!

What have you enjoyed so far about living in Chicago?  

I think the people are really, really nice! They’re so friendly and nice, which is so different from China. I love the food here and the landscape is beautiful. The air is very fresh and every day is almost sunny! I think the education part is great too. The students here have a lot of freedom, such as eating in the classroom, which we cannot do in China. Everyone is so active in the class. In China, when the teacher asks questions, everyone keeps quite because you don’t want to show off. But here, students want to take all opportunities to learn and express their opinions. 

Where do you go in Chicago for fun?

I really like to go to the gym! My aim here is to get fit. I really want to get exercise. But in China the air isn’t so good so if you run outside, you might have a sore throat. So I like to go to the gym at Loyola and everyone’s attitude is so positive. And the atmosphere at the gym is so full of energy! Everyone has a great attitude. After I do exercise, I feel so energized and I want to talk to more people! I made friends and we go to the gym together.

What do you enjoy about living in the International House?

We have students from different countries, and when we cook, we can share meals together. We talk about our country’s festivals, culture. It’s a great way to learn from each other. Actually before I came here, I just heard about people from other countries in books or the internet. But here, they’re alive! Everyone is so nice and it’s great. And we are in a convenient location. And the house is clean and the staff is helpful! It’s perfect, I love it!

What will you miss most about the International House/Loyola/Chicago?

Everyone here appreciates differences! Differences are better than the same! In China, everyone is afraid to be different. I also enjoy the freedom and everyone respects you and your voices. It’s very different in China, especially living with your parents. But here, we can make friends with everyone. They’re so nice and polite, and I will miss this kind of culture and attitude towards life.  There is also someone there when you need help! I love it.