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Office of International Programs

Insurance for International Travel

All Loyola employees and students engaging in Loyola-related international travel must be covered by Loyola's Cultural Insurance and Services International (CISI) policies, per the LUC International Travel Policy

CISI insurance—which includes health, medical evacuation, repatriation of remains and security evacuation services—must be purchased by all students engaged in Loyola-related travel.

CISI insurance also must be purchased for Loyola employees in which an individual is representing Loyola or is engaged in research or teaching activity that is part of his or her employment at Loyola. This constitutes international travel that is undertaken for purposes of an individual’s employment at Loyola.  If the Loyola employee's trip outside the U.S. is for university business (i.e. paid by Loyola) CISI health insurance is required even if the trip is only for a few days. 

CISI insurance provides coverage in the event of a health or security emergency abroad; these are not typically covered by domestic insurance policies.

Loyola's CISI policies don't cover:

  • travel outside of the U.S. for purposes of vacation or pleasure,
  • Loyola students who travel on their own or as a group with a non-Loyola approved program,
  • Loyola students who travel overseas during a leave of absence from Loyola or who are not enrolled during the fall and/or spring semester(s), nor
  • Loyola employee travel for work outside their employment at Loyola.

In order to be enrolled in CISI international health insurance for your university-related travel, please complete the required webform at this link.

OIP will receive your information and process your enrollment. After your enrollment has been processed, you will receive an email directly from CISI with the following:

  • Your insurance card
  • The CISI brochure
  • A letter for the consulate explaining your health care coverage
  • Access to the CISI web portal

Please allow three business days for OIP to enroll you in the coverage. Insurance costs will be covered by OIP; there is no charge to the department.

‌‌All students engaging in Loyola-related international travel must be enrolled in Loyola's CISI education abroad insurance.  This is different from your regular U.S. health insurance.  For coverage details for Loyola's CISI education abroad insurance, click here for the the policy brochure.

If your travel is not organized by OIP, ask your trip leader (such as your professor, department chair, faculty sponsor, or coach) if your trip leader is enrolling the group, or if you are responsible to self-enroll. If you are self-enrolling, please follow these directions: 

Self-Enroll Instructions

  1. Go to https://www.mycisi.com/CISIPortalWeb/pub/SelfEnrollment.aspx
  2. When prompted for a sponsor code, enter LUC-SE
  3. Pay with your credit card.  The charge should be about $50.
  4. Print the confirmation page and your ID card.  Keep that ID card on your person at all times while traveling internationally.  

If you have questions, please call 800-303-8120 or email enrollments@culturalinsurance.com.

After Enrollment

After you enroll in the insurance, CISI will email directly to you:

  • Your insurance card
  • The CISI brochure
  • Your proof of insurance
  • Instructions for your access to the myCISI Portal.

Required Travel Documents

Before you travel, turn in the following documents directly to your trip leader:


If you have further questions about the policy coverage or enrollment in CISI, contact OIP at intltravel@luc.edu

If you're a Loyola student studying abroad, click here for information on how to enroll in CISI insurance.

LUC-related international travel insurance is limited to current LUC employees and/or students.  Non-LUC persons undertaking travel similar to a LUC-related international trip must in no way impede the LUC employee and/or student committments to fulfilling their official duties on the LUC-related international trip.  

Additional travelers who are not current LUC employee nor students traveling for LUC-related business are responsible for booking their own travel, purchasing their own insurance, arranging for billing that is separate from the LUC travelers, being responsible for their own safety and health, and paying for all costs incurred directly to the travel provider(s).  Additional travelers shall in no way be subsidized by Loyola.  Additional travelers traveling with LUC employees/students on LUC-related international travel do so at their own risk and volition.  The LUC CISI policy doesn't extend to spouses, dependents, or other guests.  

Should additional travelers be interested in purchasing travel insurance on their own, they may do so.  It's possible for those individuals to contact CISI directly and purchase the insurance directly from CISI.  When doing so, it's recommended that the traveler purchase the retail (that is, non-LUC) CISI policy that has the same coverages as the LUC CISI policy.  For information, call 800-303-8120.  


More Information

For detailed information about the insurance coverage, please see this year's CISI Brochure and CISI Claim Information. To submit a claim, please use CISI Claim Form.‌


For more information on Loyola's CISI policy, contact Alana Carroll, Office Administrator in the Office of International Programs.