Amanda Salman (left) and Amanda White share some air time along Lake Michigan.... SALMAN (Class of 2017): A psychology major, 19, from Orland Park, Illinois • Fun fact: She’s been a figure skater since she was 8.... WHITE (Class of 2017): Also a psychology major, 19, from Skokie, Illinois • Fun fact: She’s been a vegetarian since high school.


Robert Yanik (left) and Leonora Klenja hang out in front of the Los Lobos statue.... YANIK (Class of 2015): A marketing major, 21, from Lakemoor, Illinois • Fun fact: He has four national titles in musical performance and leadership.... KLENJA (Class of 2017): A nursing major, 19, from Chicago • Fun fact: “I love kids!”


Keyona Castleman (left) and Ana Nobis, MD, become fast friends in Sullivan Center.... CASTLEMAN (Class of 2015): A psychology major, 21, from Columbus, Ohio • Fun fact: She can juggle.... NOBIS: An academic advisor for pre-health majors, 33, from Evansville, Indiana • Fun fact: She did an internship with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.


Kelsie Mazur (left) and Father Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., spread some cheer with a “Rambler kiss” at the Water Tower Campus.... MAZUR (Class of 2015): An exercise science major, 21, from Chicago • Fun fact: She has an identical twin.... GARANZINI: President and CEO of Loyola University Chicago; grew up in St. Louis • Fun fact: He lives on campus and loves to cook.


Joe Cecala (left) and Vikram Singh take a break by the Institute of Environmental Sustainability.... CECALA (Class of 2015): A physics and mathematics student, 21, from Park Ridge, Illinois • Fun fact: He studied abroad in Italy for four months.... SINGH (Class of 2017): An undergraduate student, 19, from Round Lake, Illinois • Fun fact: He was born in England.


Angela Mejia (left) and Syed Bilal Ashraf give each other a quick hello by Madonna della Strada Chapel.... MEIJA (Class of 2018): An economics major, 19, from Ecuador • Fun fact: She’s fluent in three languages.... ASHRAF (Class of 2016): A psychology major, 20, from Lombard, Illinois • Fun fact: “I longboard more than I snowboard—but I like snowboarding more.”


Laura Garcia (left) and Daniel Hyppolite stand tall together on the Water Tower Campus.... GARCIA (Class of 2018): A first-year law student, 24, from Flower Mound, Texas • Fun fact: She speaks four languages.... HYPPOLITE: A Loyola security officer, 30, from Oak Park, Illinois • Fun fact: He’s a certified substitute teacher and a huge fan of “Star Trek.”


Garrett Gundlach, S.J., (left) and Jeomar Montelon trust one another at the Water Tower Campus Block Party.... GUNDLACH (Class of 2015): A graduate student in the School of Social Work, 27, from Racine, Wisconsin • Fun fact: He’s an Eagle Scout and a Jesuit seminarian—and he plays the harmonica.... MONTELON: A study abroad advisor, 29, from New York City • Fun fact: He speaks three languages.


Alexandra Lazar (left) and Frederick Kaefer, PhD, bump fists outside the Quinlan School of Business... LAZAR (Class of 2016): An advertising and public relations student, 20, from Lake Forest, Illinois • Fun fact: She loves to play golf.... KAEFER: An associate professor of information systems who got his undergraduate and MBA from Loyola • Fun fact: He’s brought classes to Argentina, Chile, China, and Japan.


Haley Diel (left) and Adessa Kiryakos have each other’s back inside the Damen Student Center.... DIEL (Class of 2018): An environmental science major, 18, from Shawnee, Kansas • Fun fact: She skis in Colorado and has been scuba diving in Hawaii.... KIRYAKOS (Class of 2016): A graduate student in the School of Education, 24, from San Jose, California • Fun fact: She can speak, read, and write in the Assyrian language.


Daiana Man (left) and Fuado Folu-Oso try to stay dry on the Lake Shore Campus.... MAN (Class of 2017): A political science major, 19, from Morton Grove, Illinois • Fun fact: She studied French for four years.... FOLU-OSO (Class of 2015): An information technology major, 28, from Nigeria • Fun fact: He likes to play soccer.


Bianca Contreras (left) and Brittany Davidson share a ride on the Loyola shuttle bus.... CONTRERAS (Class of 2017): An accounting major, 19, from Peotone, Illinois • Fun fact: She loves to sew.... DAVIDSON: A website coordinator for the University, 25, from Aurora, Illinois • Fun fact: She helped make a music video that ran on MTV.


Dan Kavanagh (left) and Rachel Hilstrom strike a pose on the East Quad.... KAVANAGH (Class of 2018): An international business major, 19, from Arlington Heights, Illinois • Fun fact: “I should be in class right now.”... HILSTROM (Class of 2017): A biology major, 19, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin • Fun fact: She sings opera in the shower.