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Career Development Center

The Career Development Center (CDC) serves all Loyola students and alumni as a source for career assessment, career education and assistance with the job search. We play an active role in facilitating contact and relations among students, alumni and employers, as well as providing students and alumni with access to job opportunities. We hope you take advantage of our services and resource from the time you arrive at Loyola, through graduation and beyond.

Career Advising
The CDC uses a liaison advising model. Loyola students with access to Skype, can set up a video-based advising session with a career advisor by contacting careercenter@luc.edu.

Professional Guides
The CDC also offers in-depth virtual guides on resumes, cover letters, interviewing and networking. These can be accessed at the following site: www.luc.edu/career/resumejobsearchguides/.

The CDC's RamblerLink is an online career and job management system that offers all students:

  • On-campus student employment (including jobs that require and do not require Federal Work Study )
  • Community-Based Federal Work Study (FWS)
  • Jobs & Internships
  • Volunteer and Service Learning Opportunities

Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office reviews student applications for financial aid with a priority application deadline of March 1. Visit the website for assistance with the application process for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Contact: Kelsey Gerber at 773.508.8678 or kgerber1@luc.edu.

Loyola University Chicago Bookstore

The Loyola University Chicago Bookstore offers online students the ability to obtain course materials through two web-based stores managed by Follett. The link to the specific store varies by School and is integrated and available in the course scheduling system (LOCUS) upon student enrollment. All available options for the materials such as rental, purchase of print or digital copies are listed. If an E-book is available, students can save substantially and access materials with an instant download on any device. Option to sell back a book is also available with discount on shipping (one way shipping paid). Cost of home delivery of course materials is a $7.50 flat fee.

If accessing the bookstores online outside of course scheduling system store links are accessible through Loyola University Chicago website at http://www.luc.edu/info/bookstore.shtml.

Contact: Mani Pillai at 773.508.7350 or mpillai@luc.edu.

Military Veteran Student Services

The Office of Military Veteran Student Services supports the successful transition from military service to Loyola University Chicago and beyond. With our campus partners, we provide access to resources and services that enhance the holistic wellness of our military veteran students as they navigate their Loyola experience. We strive to enrich our inclusive campus climate that allows military veteran students to excel as valued members of the Loyola University Chicago community.

We can assist students with applying for VA educational and health benefits. Students can reach our office via e-mail at veterans@luc.edu or phone at 773.508.7765.

Office of the Bursar

The Office of the Bursar helps students navigate and manage Loyola expenses so they can focus on their education. All charges, e-bills, health insurance waivers, payment plans, payments, and refunds can be accessed online.

Online videos and tutorials are available to help students with financial issues. All can be found on the Bursar webpage and includes:

  1. Campus Finances Overview and Account Summary (video | PDF)
  2. Electronic Billing and the iPlan (video | PDF)
  3. Student Health Insurance (video | PDF)
  4. Refund Direct Deposit (video | PDF)

Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR)

The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR) is responsible for promoting and enforcing the Community Standards and supporting The Student Promise. OSCCR offers a variety of resources and support and works to make the Loyola experience enjoyable for all students, online or on-campus. The Student Promise and The Community Standards are located on our website in their entirety.

For services, OSCCR offers mediation and conflict coaching to students wishing to peacefully resolve a minor conflict, or gain knowledge about how to address conflict in the future. In addition, students will also find links to file a report of alleged misconduct. To request assistance with a conflict, students may complete a short online form and a member of our team will follow up with you.

Our office also reviews EthicsLine reports of faculty and staff misconduct, as well as gender-based misconduct. Each of these reports can be filed online and no individual filing a report in good faith will be subject to retaliation.

For more information contact 773.508.8890.

Registration and Records

The Office of Registration and Records exists to serve the needs of the students, both on-campus and online, and to safeguard the integrity of the students’ educational record. Registration and Records services include requests for transcripts, FERPA information, and information on Loyola’s academic standards and regulations. The following links provide access to commonly-requested services.

Transcript Requests: http://transcriptrequest.luc.edu/alumni/pages/jsp/

Academic Standards and Regulations: http://www.luc.edu/academics/catalog/undergrad/reg.shtml

For more information contact 312.915.7721 or registrar@luc.edu.

Student Accessibility Center

The Student Accessibility Center serves students with disabilities by creating and fostering an accessible learning environment. We aim to empower students with diverse needs by enhancing their self-awareness, self-determination, and self-advocacy. We promote awareness of the needs of students with disabilities and encourage the Loyola community to respect and care for each individual. In order to receive ADA accommodations, students may (1) submit a SAC intake form (found online), (2) submit clinical documentation (guidelines are found on the website), and (3) have a phone consultation with a SAC disability specialist to discuss any needs and how they can be accommodated. After that meeting, accommodations put in place with the individual professors.

  1. The types of services that offered include: extended testing time, alternative text methods (audio, pdf, etc), and advocacy for student needs. SAC is always willing to work with students to best serve their needs.
  2. If students have questions or concerns about the accommodations process or need to discuss the accommodations that they may be eligible for, please see the contact information below.

Contact 773.508.3700 or sac@luc.edu 

Student Services Hub

The Hub is designed to be a first stop for all students and visitors to get immediate help, answers and directions on what to do, or where to go, next. Some of our most common services include financial aid and student account questions, enrollment verifications and transcript requests, directions on or around campus, and course placement exams.

Contact 773.508.7700 or hub@luc.edu.

The Wellness Center

The Loyola University Chicago Wellness Center offers online students health information, web-based wellness resources and violence prevention tools.

Loyola's online Health magazine, Student Health 101, features articles on health topics relevant to students.  There are 531 fans of Student Health 101 on Facebook. As of this spring, 85% of students polled responded learning something they would apply to their daily life. 53% responded having seen/read something in Student Health 101 that caused them to want to get involved on campus, ask for help, take advantage of campus resources, or improve their health. Since September 2013, Student Health 101 has been read 5,203 times, with at least 10 pages read each time.

Web-Based Wellness Resources

Links to a variety of resources are available to students on topics related to college health. Click to view resources at the Wellness Center, to date 29,942 unique visits were recorded and 1196 followers on Twitter.

Violence Prevention Tools

A gender-based violence application to support decision-making for students who experience assault.

Sexual Assault Advocacy Hotline: 773.494.3810

Contact Kevin Meier at kmeier@luc.edu.