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The resources within this section are designed to assist instructors with planning, designing, and facilitating online courses. Resources also include innovative instructional strategies for online learning and Sakai templates available from the Office of Online Learning instructional design team, among other pedagogical resources.

The sections that follow provide resources related to each topic. Select the heading text below or the links on the left navigation to view the resources.


Resource CategoryResource Overview


An icon of an eye, brain, closed captioning symbol and hand representing the planning process. Image links to the Accessibility Resources page.


Accessibility is a required component of online courses. As instructors, we never know when a student may need accessible content, nor do we know how other students may benefit from such content. Adding captions to a video benefits those with impaired hearing as well as those who might not have access to audio.  

The resources in this section provide guidance on how to make your online courses more accessible for all students.

Course Planning

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Course planning is a critical component of an online course. The variety of tools available, instructional approaches, instructional materials, and needs of online students should be considered from the start when developing an online course. Planning and organizing in advance help ensure a smooth learning experience for students.

The resources in this section provide guidance on how to plan and develop online courses.

 Instructional Strategies

An icon of a light bulb representing instructional strategies. Image links to the Instructional Strategies resources page. 

Instructional strategies in online courses can be similar to face-to-face courses, but the available technology opens a world of new strategies. Also, the expectations of online students are different than face-to-face students, requiring instructors to consider how best to facilitate online courses.

The resources in this section provide ideas and instructional strategies for teaching online.


Contingency Planning

An icon of an exclamation point representing contingency planning. Image links to the Contingency Planning Resources page.


As the saying goes, “Life happens.” Emergencies arise, illnesses occur, and severe weather can cause class or campus cancellations. How one should handle such cancellations depends on the nature of the event.

The resources in this section provide recommendations for handling class meeting disruptions.


Academic Integrity

An icon of a mortar board representing academic integrity. Image links to the Academic Integrity Resources page.



Academic integrity in online courses can be promoted through a combination of strategies and a variety of methods.

The resources in this section provide guidance on how to promote academic integrity among students.


Syllabus Guidelines

An icon of a syllabus document representing syllabus guidelines. Image links to the Syllabus Guidelines page.


Syllabi provide the framework for courses, providing students with important information regarding expectations and program and university policy.

The resources in this section provide recommended language for use in online course syllabi as well as an example syllabus for faculty use.


Online Course Assistants

An icon of the letters O, C, and A representing the online course assistants. Image links to the Online Course Assistants Resources page.


Online Course Assistants may be utilized in some large online courses. These OCAs support instructors in managing larger classes in the online space or during HyFlex classes.

The resources in this section provide guidance on how best to utilize online course assistants.


Sakai Course Templates

An icon of a webpage layout representing the Sakai templates. The image links to the Sakai Templates Resource page.


Sakai offers flexibility in course design, but setup time, technical knowledge, and options can be overwhelming. To assist instructors in the design of online courses, OOL offers templates that are customizable.

The resources in this section provide guidance on choosing a course template that will work best for you and your content.