Loyola University Chicago

Office of Online Learning

Accessibility Training


“Make your Online Course Accessible” is designed to walk you through the Accessibility Guidelines and show you how to practically apply these guidelines to your online course. The training is comprised of five modules and each module ends in a short quiz. After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Recognize why it is important to make your online course accessible
  • Differentiate between what it means for a course to be accessible and what it means to provide an accommodation
  • Identify what to avoid in order to create an accessible online course
  • Determine whether or not formatted text follows accessibility guidelines
  • Select appropriate methods for making multimedia (images, audio, and video) accessible
  • Recognize how following the accessibility guidelines benefits students
  • Identify support that is available to you as you make your online course accessible

Get Started

The "Make your Online Course Accessible" training is delivered through a joinable Sakai site that tracks your progress. Visit the Make your Online Course Accessible Sakai site to begin.


Contact the Office of Online Learning at online@luc.edu with any questions.