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Using the Examity proctoring system in an online course

Proctoring is one of several methods that can be used to verify a student’s identity and the integrity of the work completed in an online course. While alternative methods for determining academic integrity may be sufficient for instructors who prefer to use group projects or term papers to assess students, proctoring is a method that is sometimes preferred by instructors in disciplines that rely on high-stakes testing.

Examity is a proctoring and student identity verification service available to faculty teaching online and hybrid courses at LUC, and can help ensure academic integrity and the reputation of our online courses and programs. Examity has the ability to provide multiple levels of rigor for proctoring assessments, allowing instructors to choose the level of security that best meets the needs of their learners and assessments. More information regarding the levels of proctoring offered through Examity is available on the FairExam Levels page on Examity's website.

Careful consideration should go into the decision to use proctoring as part of your online or blended course, as use of the system requires a fee paid by your department, can be seen as intrusive by students, and requires additional planning and preparation on the part of both the instructor and students. 


Instructors are encouraged to consider alternative options for ensuring academic integrity in their online course prior to deciding to use the proctoring service. A variety of alternative tools are available to LUC faculty to help ensure academic integrity in your online or blended course; information to help introduce you to a range of strategies is available in the Academic Integrity Toolbox, and instructional designers in the Office of Online Learning are happy to help work with instructors to discuss alternative strategies and help put them into place in your online or hybrid course. 


If you feel proctoring is the best strategy for ensuring the academic integrity of a particular assessment, staff in the Office of Online Learning will be happy to talk through the options available to you when using the system. 

The Examity system requires a fee per student per assessment. Fees vary based on the type of proctoring or authentication used and the duration of the assessment. Instructors can obtain specific information regarding the fees required to use the system by setting up an initial consultation with an instructional designer in the the Office of Online Learning.

Instructors who wish to use the Examity system in their online course must first obtain approval and funding from the Dean of their academic unit. Instructors should contact the Office of Online Learning to set up an initial consult with one of our instructional designers to determine the level of proctoring that is most appropriate for your assessments and the potential cost for proctoring in your online course. There is a deadline for requests based on semester. The deadline is in place to ensure there is enough time to train the instructor, add the Examity too to the Sakai course, and prepare students to use Examity. The request deadline for each semester is listed below:


Fall August 1st
J-Term October 1st
Spring November 1st
Summer May 1st

Once approval and funding have been granted, instructors need to send an email to the Office of Online Learning at online@luc.edu requesting use of the system for an upcoming semester; instructors must copy the dean of their academic unit on this email to indicate that they have received approval from the dean.

Instructors will be expected to perform the following duties:

  • Attend Examity training; this will be set up by one of the members of the Examity project team
  • Be responsible for entering the exam settings and rules within the Examity system
  • Inform students that they will be proctored as part of taking your online course; the Examity Syllabus Statement is available for instructors to share with students

If you would like to learn more about how the Examity system works, read through the Examity screensteps documentation for instructors hosted by ITRS.