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Loyola Chicago is committed to open, honest, and responsible academic work; the principles of academic integrity are ones every member of the University community is expected to abide by in both online and face-to-face courses. The University provides several resources that can help instructors and students define and demonstrate academic integrity in their work. Instructors can leverage these resources in their online courses to better promote authentic work from online students. Below are some examples of how instructors can implement these academic integrity measures.

An online course's syllabus is one of the most important documents for setting the tone of the class with students. Including language about academic integrity, especially official language from the University, helps set good expectations about submitting authentic and original work from the start. Instructors can add Loyola’s Academic Integrity Statement to their course syllabus to indicate to students what constitutes academic dishonesty according to Loyola’s standards. Instructors of online courses can also add more specific integrity language aligned to their field of work - statements about plagiarism for writing-intensive courses, copying problems for math-intensive courses, etc.

Online and face-to-face students come from a variety of educational backgrounds, and some may be more familiar with academic integrity rules and processes than others. For example, some students may not be as familiar with correct reference citation methods or may be encountering some citation styles for the first time. Online Loyola students can utilize existing University resources by contacting the Writing Center and/or University Libraries for additional assistance with these citation processes and methods. Instructors should provide their online students with clear, appropriate contact information in order to help them find the assistance that they need to avoid academic integrity violations.

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