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Office of Research Services

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The Office of Research Services is under the purview of Associate Provost Terri Pigott, Ph.D. Email: tpigott@luc.edu; Phone: (773) 508-2478.

Terri Pigott
Associate Provost for Research
Email: tpigott@luc.edu 
Phone: (773) 508-2478 
Angelica Vaca
Research Services Director
Email: avaca1@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-2480
Andrew Ellis
Assoc. Dir. of Research Compliance
Email: aellis5@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-2689
A. Susan Clarke
Assistant Director for Research Development
Email: aclarke@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-8952
Tracy Foxworth
Research Administrator/Operations Manager
Email: tfoxwor@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-2985
Joanna Borowiec 
Research Administrator
Email: jborowiec@luc.edu 
Phone: (773) 508-2477

Administrative Assistant
Pawel Grudysz
Database Analyst and Application Developer
Email: pgrudysz@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-8830
Natasha Chander
Compliance Assistant
Email: nchander@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-8831 


Jamie Patrianakos
Compliance Assistant
Email: jpatrianakos@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-7480
If you have questions regarding a proposal and/or are unsure of who to contact, please click ‌Here If you have questions about administering a grant, please click Here.

‌Research Compliance Committee Chairs and Officials:


Raymond H. Dye, Jr., Ph.D.
Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects)
Email: rdye@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-3018
Martin B. Berg, Professor
IACUC (Animal Subjects)
Email: mberg@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-8853
William Curtin
Laboratory Safety
Email: wcurtin@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-8851
Howard Laten, Ph.D.
Radiation Safety Officer
Email: hlaten@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-3640
F. Bryan Pickett, Ph.D.
Biosafety Official
Email: fpickett@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-3367
Andrew Ellis
Radiation Safety Chairperson
Email: aellis5@luc.edu
Phone: (773) 508-2689


We can be reached in the following ways:


Email: ORS@luc.edu
Telephone: (773) 508-2471
Fax: (773) 508-8942

U.S. Mail:
Office of Research Services
6439 N. Sheridan Road
Granada Center, Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60626 

Private Courier (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc):
Research Services
6439 N. Sheridan Road
Granada Center, Ste. 400
Chicago, IL 60626 

In Person:
We are located in room 400 of the Granada Center Building on the Lake Shore Campus.

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