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2019 Catholic Imagination Conference

2019 Catholic Imagination Conference

The Third Biennial Catholic Imagination Conference
The Future of the Catholic Literary Tradition
Loyola University Chicago | September 19-21, 2019

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This international biennial conference, sponsored by Loyola’s Hank Center, features over 60 writers, poets, filmmakers, playwrights, journalists, editors, publishers, students, and critics who will explore a variety of questions surrounding the Catholic imagination in literature and the arts. What is the future of the Catholic literary tradition? What is the state of discourses in faith and Christian humanism in a world increasingly described as “Post”—postmodern, post-human, post-Christian, post-religious? How is Catholic thought and practice (or the absence of it) represented in literature, poetry, and cinema? If, as David Tracy observes, religion’s “closest cousin is not rigid logic, but art,” what might literary art be trying to communicate to its “cousin”—and to us all—as we travel along the first decades of the 21st century?