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  1. The Authorized User contact  the Assistant Director for Compliance at (773)508-2689 and provides the following information to obtain a control number:
    1. The vendor name
    2. The expected date of arrival
    3. Whether or not the order includes a sealed source
    4. Whether or not the order is generally licensed
    5. The identity, quantity, activity and form of the isotope.
  2. Once a control number is issued, the Authorized User may order the material. All shipments must be addressed to:

            Howard Laten, RSO, CN: ______
            Loyola University
            Chicago 1050 West Sheridan Rd. Room 346
            Chicago, IL 60626
            Phone Contact: 773-508-3633

    Do not address the package to yourself or to your attention.

    If ordered with a Procard:
    Once the transaction posts to the credit card, go into PaymentNet to reconcile your statement and enter the control numbers in the “Transactions Notes” field. At the end of the month print the billing statement, staple the package invoice to the statement, and save it for your records.

    If ordered with a Purchase Requisition:
    Complete the Purchase Requisition form and indicate in the appropriate space that the order is for radioactive materials. In the “Requisitioner Comments” field, list the control number(s) and label them as such so that Purchasing knows what the numbers mean. Secure the initials of the RSO or the Assistant Director for Research Compliance on the form and make a copy of it for your records; forward it to Purchasing. When the order arrives staple the receipt to the requisition form, and save it for your records.

  3. When the order is placed, the Authorized User must send an email with the control number, package tracking number, and the expected delivery date to RSSI (eport@rssi.us), the RSO (hlaten@luc.edu), and the receiving agent (jquinn@luc.edu).

  4. The RSO and RSSI staff are the only persons authorized to check in packages. Neither Authorized Users nor their delegates are permitted to check in packages. When the package arrives, the RSO will be immediately notified and the package will be inspected and checked against an inventory by RSSI or the RSO. If the user’s inventory is not exceeded, a control form with the pre-assigned Control Number will be issued and the package, along with the pink and yellow copies of the Control Form, will be delivered to the Authorized User’s laboratory. The Authorized User or a delegated laboratory staff member must physically be present in the laboratory when packages are delivered. If the new order plus the on-hand inventory exceeds the limit for the user, the package will be held by the RSO until inventories are adjusted.


The control form is a three-part form:

  1. The white copy is permanently retained by the Radiation Safety Office as a record of inventory.
  2. The yellow and pink copies are delivered with the package.
  3. The Authorized User or delegated user(s) records the amounts of material used and/or disposed of on the two copies.
  4. Once the material has been fully utilized and/or disposed of, the pink copy is returned to the RSO and the inventory record is modified to reflect the depletion of the material.


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