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  • Plan in detail and make dummy runs before inaugurating new procedures.

  • Neatness in the laboratory is of PRIME IMPORTANCE. Contamination can be reduced and controlled effectively by proper organization and workspace layout.

  • Work areas should be covered with plastic-backed absorbent paper and kept free of materials not required for the work at hand. Equipment NOT in use should be decontaminated and stored elsewhere in the laboratory.

  • Hands shall be washed before leaving the laboratory area. Gloves shall be worn when handling material which may contaminate the hands.

  • NO eating, drinking, smoking, storing of food, or applying of cosmetics in the radionuclide laboratory. NO food preparation.

  • Pipetting by mouth is NOT permitted.

  • Transporting significant quantities of radioactive liquids shall be done in secondary containers containing enough absorbent material to completely contain the material if spilled.

  • Keep radioactive work organized and separate--DO NOT spread contamination into unrestricted areas.

  • Return radioactive materials to storage as soon as they are no longer needed.

  • Significant amounts of radioactive waste should be immediately disposed of in the radioactive waste containers.

  • Personnel should wear a protective coat or apron which should be changed if contaminated. Monitor hands and clothing for contamination after labeling procedures and before leaving the laboratory.

  • When high-energy b-emitters, such as P-32, are used, low density or low atomic number material shall be used for shielding. Where practical, eye protection will be worn.

  • Wear assigned dosimeters in the laboratory.

In case of an emergency, contact the RSO at 83640. If no answer, contact RSSI at 847-965-1999.


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