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Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution

Division of Student Development

Equity-Based Discrimination and Misconduct Services (including Title IX)

*CLICK HERE for the most critical (and some time-sensitive) information for survivors of sexual assault or other forms of gender-based misconduct.*

Another direct service provided to students through the DOS is assistance navigating the University’s response to reports of equity-based discrimination or other forms of misconduct based on the victim/survivor's protected identities (including race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, national origin, ability/disability, marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law).

If you or someone you know has recently been the target of equity-based discrimination or misconduct, please submit a claim online to EthicsLine or call the 24/7 EthicsLine Hotline at 855-603-6988. Ethicsline is the University’s automated and anonymous reporting system for several different types of misconduct. The University strongly encourages all faculty, staff, students, administrators, or other concerned parties to use this reporting resource to notify the University of suspected or wrongful acts by Loyola University Chicago community members. To fill out a report, please click here.

Gender-based Discrimination and Misconduct (Title IX)

Among the other types of equity-based misconduct referenced above, gender-based misconduct is specifically regulated by Title IX and related federal and state regulations and guidance, and includes all forms of dating and domestic violence and sexual misconduct as defined in the Community Standards, as well as stalking and any other misconduct where the victim/survivor was targeted because of their sex, gender, or gender-expression.

Specific to Title IX, unless specified below, most University staff and faculty members are considered "responsible employees" and must inform the University whenever they become aware of a disclosed or reported sexual assault or other gender-based misconduct. Sensitive, trauma-informed outreach will then be conducted according to the procedures outlined in the Community Standards that will include an explanation of options available to the harmed party/parties, a preliminary investigation into the report to assess risk to the campus community, and personalized referrals to various support resources as needed.

For survivors of gender-based misconduct who wish to speak to a confidential source on campus, they may contact one or more of the following individuals or departments on campus to schedule an appointment:

Although any DOS staff member can assist students in navigating the student conduct process or accessing other resources, Courtney Bilbrey, is the Assistant Dean of Students and Title IX Deputy Coordinator for matters involving students. Please call 773-508-8840 for more information or to speak to Courtney directly.