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Institute for Paralegal Studies


Universal ID and Password

Your Universal ID and Password provides access to LOCUS, Sakai, networked LUC computers, and LUC email. Students having trouble with their ID/Password should contact the Helpdesk at 773.508.7190 or e-mail helpdesk@luc.edu.

Password Self-Service

Welcome to Loyola’s new Password Self-Service tool. The system, which has replaced Personal Account Manager (PAM), allows students, faculty, and staff to reset network passwords quickly and independently, eliminating the need to contact the Help Desk when passwords are forgotten, accounts are locked, or when users suspect that their password has been compromised. Password Self-Service is available at www.luc.edu/password.

What Can I Do with Password Self-Service?

The new tool has four options:

  • First Time Setup.
    Use this option to establish the password reset settings that can be used later to verify who you are. These include a series of personalized challenge questions and a delivery method for the system to contact you (such as a text-capable phone number or a non-Loyola email account). You must complete this setup before your current password expires or needs to be reset.
  • Manage Settings.
    Use this option to change your password reset settings (for example, if your mobile phone number changes).
  • Password Reset.
    Use this option to reset your password. Please note that the security requirements have changed; passwords must be between eight and twenty characters and may not have been used within the previous 500 days.
  • Account Unlock.
    Use this option if your account is locked due to multiple failed password entries. (Students please note: If your account is locked while logging in to LOCUS, you can unlock it by resetting your password.)

Who Can Use Password Self-Service?

Password Self-Service is available to all students, faculty, and staff on the University network. At the Health Sciences Division (HSD), this includes all students along with faculty and staff who work in the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing building. Others from HSD will gain access to the tool this summer as they are migrated to the University network.

Who Do I Contact for Help?

If you have any questions about or need help with Password Self-Service, please contact the Loyola University Help Desk at helpdesk@luc.edu or 773.508.4487.

Password Self-Service is available at www.luc.edu/password.

LEXIS & Westlaw

Login Links

Client ID or Client (applies to both LEXIS and Westlaw)

Both LEXIS and Westlaw have entry boxes for a Client ID (or just Client). The Client ID serves several purposes: it can be used to identify the session in your research trail or it can be used to track the research for a specific matter. Westlaw requires that you type at least one character in the Client ID box. This ID can be anything. You can enter an ID that is specific to your search or your can enter your initials. Any entry in the Client ID will not hinder your login. No entry will.

Access Trouble

Any student having trouble with their LEXIS or Westlaw access should contact the Institute Office, 312.915.6820.

Computer Labs

The Water Tower Campus has several open access labs. These labs are available for drop-in use by Loyola students, faculty, and staff. Please visit the ITS site for information regarding lab location, hours available, printing capabilities, and other computer lab rules and information.


Sakai Login

Students use their Universal ID and Password to login to Sakai. This is the same login used for LOCUS.

Materials for Class

Faculty are asked to make classes available to students one week prior to the start of the class. Until the instructor has made his/her class available you will not see this class listed within Sakai. This does not mean you are not registered for the class. Students should only use LOCUS as a means to confirm enrollment.

Please note not all instructors will make their classes available prior to the first class meeting.

Institute Office on Sakai

Besides the information provided on our website or via email to students, the Institute also maintains a site on Sakai. Textbooks, calendar, announcements, and other important links and policy information are shared with students via this online communication tool.

Trouble with Sakai

Any trouble students have with Sakai should be reported directly to Sakai Help at sakai@luc.edu. When reporting your trouble please include course information, time/date issue occurred, activity being performed (or attempted), and location (on/off campus).