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LOCUS is Loyola's Online Connection to University Services. Students have the ability to access registration, billing/payment information, transcripts, personal contact information, class schedule, and a variety of other resources. In order to access LOCUS students must first obtain their Universal ID and Password.

In the upper right hand corner of this page (and every LUC page) there is a "links" icon next to the "search" icon. Access to LOCUS, Sakai, your LUC email, and other University online tools can be found under this drop down feature.

Students register for classes through LOCUS. Students may register for both Fall I and Fall II sessions together, and for both Spring I and Spring II sessions together. Changes may be made to a student's enrollment up until the start of any session without incurring any late fees.

Registration Changes (Add/Drop/Swap)

A schedule change is defined as adding and dropping any number of courses but maintaining enrollment. There is no financial impact for scheduling changes made before the official session start date.  A withdrawal from class after the session start date through the 7th class meeting will result in a “W” grade.  Classes cannot be dropped after the 7th class session.

Withdrawal from a Class

Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal. A student who wishes to withdraw from a course or from the Institute may do so in one of two ways:

    1. Students can withdraw from classes via LOCUS up through the 5th week of classes.
    2. Students not withdrawing through LOCUS or wanting to withdraw after the 5th week must notify the Institute Office via e-mail: paralegal@luc.edu. Students should include their name, class information, and reason for withdrawal. A student is considered to be in attendance until this formal written notice has been received by the Institute Office.

University policy requires all financial obligations to be dated from the date of the formal notice of withdrawal or withdrawal in LOCUS and not from the date of the last class attended.

Withdrawal Schedule

Effective Date of WithdrawalTuition Credit Given
First Week of Session 100%
Second Week of Session 80%
Third Week of Session 40%
Fourt Week of Session and After 0%

Holds (Service Indicators)

Students can view detailed information regarding their holds within their LOCUS account. If you are having difficulty with registration, please be sure to check your holds on LOCUS prior to contacting the Institute Office.