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Medical Lab

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

THE PARKINSON SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES AND PUBLIC HEALTH seeks to address health disparities, manage and extract data to gain insights into population and individual health, and create health systems and policies to shape the health of generations. Through a variety of research and projects, the goal is to develop greater understanding and identify new approaches, treatments and policies to improve the health of individuals, families, and communities.  

COVID Equity Response Collaborative

The COVID Equity Response Collaborative: Loyola (CERCL) is a team of public health, medicine, nursing, law and social work students and professionals working in partnership with community leaders and public health officials to minimize the harm from COVID to at-risk populations in Chicagoland. Learn more about this initiative or how you can get involved.

Center for Health Outcomes and Informatics Research

The Loyola Center for Health Outcomes and Informatics Research (CHOIR) educates and engages faculty, health care professionals, resident physicians, and students in the fundamentals of health outcomes research and data-driven health care delivery and outcomes.

LUC Vector Control Research

Since 2010, Dr. Justin Harbison has worked with a local mosquito abatement district to evaluate the pesticides used to control mosquito, including those species that transmit West Nile Virus. The goal of LUC Vector Control Research is to improve Public Health efforts to reduce disease risks associated with mosquitoes and ticks. All Loyola University Chicago students are welcome and If you are interested in being a part of this research please contact Justin Harbison.