Celebration of the Magis

May 2020

Recognizing  graduates and their constant drive to learn more and be of greater service

The Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health acknowledges outstanding exercise science and health care administration students with its annual Magis Awards. Magis is a Latin word meaning "more" or "greater" and is related to the phrase "ad majorem Dei gloriam," the motto of the Society of Jesus and Loyola University Chicago. The awards recognize how honorees are always striving to do better and truly achieve magis.

Dean’s Medallion  

The School’s highest honor, this award is presented to four-year students who exemplify Jesuit values and demonstrate excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service (GPA 3.7 or higher).

  • Exercise Science: Julia Nowik 
  • Healthcare Administration: Gloria Majka 

Advocacy & Leadership Award  

This award recognizes graduates who demonstrate leadership abilities, service to Loyola or the surrounding community, and advocacy for quality health care to people in need. Awardees are expected to maintain a commitment to the continuation of high-quality health care systems and the education of students in the Loyola program through the alumni association.  

  • Exercise Science: Julia Nowik 
  • Healthcare Administration: Kimberly Truong 

Spirit of St. Ignatius Award 

This award honors a student or students who best exemplify the “Spirit of Ignatius.” It is presented to students who demonstrate a positive influence on their peers and the Loyola community or surrounding community as well as demonstrate the Jesuit values of excellence, seeing God in all things, being a “person for others,” service with a focus on social justice, and global awareness. 

  • Exercise Science: Stephen Spaulding and Crosby Estrada 
  • Healthcare Administration: Jeffrey Schnoebelen 

Internship Excellence Award 

This award recognizes one intern each from the Exercise Science and Healthcare Administration undergraduate programs who demonstrates exemplary commitment and accomplishment while completing their academic internship. 

  • Exercise Science: Garrett Feiereisel 
  • Healthcare Administration: Irene Keselman