CEPH Accreditation Third Party Comments

Per CEPH Accreditation requirements:

"Stakeholders have a the opportunity to offer feedback on the Loyola Public Health programs to the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) Accreditation Coordinator, Emily Albers, MPH.

This opportunity is referred to as the opportunity for “third-party comments".

The requirement to invite third-party comments is a separate procedural requirement from the expectation that units will involve stakeholders in the self-study process and from the ongoing obligation, expressed in the accreditation criteria, for units to solicit input from constituents, including students, alumni, employers, community partners, etc.

The third-party comment process is a broader, more general call for comment that allows any stakeholder to provide feedback directly to CEPH to inform the accreditation review. CEPH does not share this feedback with the unit."

To share your comments, please contact:

Emily Albers, MPH
Accreditation Coordinator
Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)
email: ealbers@ceph.org


Page last updated: July 1, 2020