Learn how to unlock the power of  data to improve health outcomes and patient care.

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) contain vast amounts of data. Yet typically, only 20 percent can be readily extracted.

In this certificate program, students learn how to apply machine learning, research methods, natural language processing, and database management to leverage the other 80 percent of "unstructured" health data. We work with our academic medical center partners to provide a hands-on, real-world healthcare database learning environment of more than two million patient encounters over 12 years (including structured and unstructured EHR data).

Our commitment to you

Our multidisciplinary approach to improving patient outcomes uses real data. We have developed natural language processing tools to access, quantify, and qualify free-text notes in EHRs.


Our graduates can use their knowledge to help address health inequities and improve community outcomes as members of an  interdisciplinary team. 


Graduates will be able to work with a multidisciplinary team of computer scientists, healthcare researchers, and data analysts to learn how to use open-source software packages to solve real healthcare programs.

Professional Values

Loyola's Jesuit foundation teaches and instills several values, including a commitment to social justice, collaboration, scholarship, critical thinking, advocacy, professionalism, ethical behavior, and humility.


Loyola's Certificate in Informatics is at minimum a 15-hour program.

  • HIDS 401: Foundations of Health Informatics
  • HIDS 411: Clinical Data Science
  • HIDS 421: Security and Privacy in Healthcare
  • HIDS 412: Translational Bioinformatics
  • HIDS 422: Ontologies in Health


Students must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The application deadline is August 1; letters of acceptance are typically sent within two weeks.

Tuition and Fees

The Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health and Loyola's Financial Aid Office are committed to helping students secure the necessary financial resources to make their education at Loyola affordable.


Describe the ideal candidate for this Certificate Program.

The Health Informatics Certificate Program is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of health informatics in this rapidly growing field.  Specifically, this Program is ideal for data analysts, healthcare professionals such as nurses, physicians, and therapists, who want to learn how to use EHR data to improve clinical practice and patient outcomes.

Do students need healthcare experience?

Experience in healthcare is helpful but not required.

Is the program offered for full-time and part-time students?

The required coursework totals at least 15 credit hours. Full-time students should be able to complete the program in one year (two semesters).  A part-time student should be able to complete the program in two years, depending on the individual's time.