Adjunct Associate Professor

Public Health Sciences

David Shoham
  • Dr. Shoham is trained in cardiovascular and renal epidemiology with a focus on social determinants of health and disease. His current research focuses on social network analysis as well as the social context of bladder health. He teaches epidemiology to Master's students and is the director of the Loyola University Chicago MPH program.

    • Emory University, Masters             
    • University of Chicago, Bachelors           
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ph.D.               

    What prompted you to pursue your field?

    I decided to study epidemiology, the "basic science of public health," while working at an occupational health law firm. I had studied political science as an undergraduate, where one of the core questions is "What is justice?" I planned on law school to pursue justice, but then I learned about epidemiology, which is a combination of social and biological science. At the same time, several seminal works were published: Laurie Garrett's "The Coming Plague" (a prescient book linking pandemics to the destruction of natural habitats), and Richard Wilkinson's "Unhealthy Societies" (on income inequality and health dispartities). Epidemiology allowed me to channel my interest in social justice towards improving health for all.

    What "called" you to/attracted you to Loyola?

    Loyola embodies this spirit. For me, "public health entrepreneurism" means taking risks to create new approaches to health-- not for profit, but for the good of all.


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