Assistant Professor

Applied Health Sciences

Kiley Tyler

  • Education
    • Illinois State University, Bachelors           
    • Northeastern Illinois University, Masters             
    • Oregon State University, Ph.D.               


    • Physical activity and physical fitness of school-aged children and youth with autism spectrum disorders. Tyler, K; MacDonald, M; Menear, K Autism research and treatment 2014 ;2014
    • Genes Induced by Reovirus Infection Have a Distinct Modular Cis-Regulatory Architecture Lapadat,R.; Debiasi,R. L.; Johnson,G. L.; Tyler,K. L.; Shah,I. Current Genomics 2005 ;6:501-513
    • MEKK1 regulates calpain-dependent proteolysis of focal adhesion proteins for rear-end detachment of migrating fibroblasts. Cuevas,B. D.; Abell,A. N.; Witowsky,J. A.; Yujiri,T.; Johnson,N. L.; Kesavan,K.; Ware,M.; Jones,P. L.; Weed,S. A.; DeBiasi,R. L.; Oka,Y.; Tyler,K. L.; Johnson,G. L. EMBO Journal 2003 ;22(13):3346-3355