Health Informatics and Data Science

Nursing ,Health Systems and Adult Health Nursing

Kathleen Bobay
  • My research focuses on the value of nursing practice to solve clinical problems.

    • Michigan State University, Masters             
    • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Ph.D.               
    • Western Michigan University, Bachelors           

    What prompted you to pursue your field?

    Nursing informatics was a new field and there was no one on faculty who could teach the content. I attended conferences and did a lot of reading to get up to speed.

    What's it like to teach at Parkinson?

    I think it is great to work with such a diverse group of interdisciplinary scholars. We are studying complex societal problems in a collaborative manner.

    What does your department's focus mean to you?

    Health services is a very broad group of various academic specialties that work together to improve health care outcomes.

    Why is this area of study important at this point in time?

    Health care and public health are on the forefront during the COVID pandemic. Science will help to solve the issues facing our country.

    What would you tell a student about why your field is exciting/important/the potential impact s/he could make?

    You can be part of the solution.

    What "called" you to/attracted you to Loyola?

    The opportunity to work with big data and the great people I met when I interviewed.


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