Assistant Professor

Medical Physics

Parkinson ,Applied Health Sciences

Sebastien Gros
  • Sebastien Gros is an Assistant Professor in the Radiation Oncology Department with 8 years of experience in Medical Physics.

    • University of Liverpool, Ph.D.               
    • Residency: University of California at San Francisco, Medical Physics

    What prompted you to pursue your field?

    I have a background in Experimental Nuclear Physics. I joined the field of medical physics to have to possibility to use my radiation physics background to make a difference in people’s lives.

    What does your department's focus mean to you?

    Medical physics allows me to put use my scientific background in a meaningful way to the service of the community and help curing cancer patients.

    Why is this area of study important at this point in time?

    Healthcare is at a technological crossroad, with the implementation of Automation and the advent of Artificial Intelligence. The field of Radiology is dramatically changing the way patients are being diagnosed and Radiation Therapy treatments are incorporating more and more automated delivery methods and AI based processes. From supervising automated treatment planning to designing quality assurance methods to ensure safety while benefiting from these technological advances, Medical Physicists are at the center of this technological revolution for patients.


    • Spectral characterization of tissues in high spectral and spatial resolution MR images: Implications for a classification-based synthetic CT algorithm. Wood, AM; Shea, SM; Medved, M; Karczmar, GS; Surucu, M; Gros, S; Small, W; Roeske, J Medical physics 2017 ;44(5)
    • A novel surrogate to identify anatomical changes during radiotherapy of head and neck cancer patients. Gros, SA; Xu, W; Roeske, JC; Choi, M; Emami, B; Surucu, M Medical physics 2017 ;44(3)