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Faculty & Staff Profiles

Part-Time Instructor, Applied Health Sciences

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  • I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and have been working in clinical nutrition, weight management and wellness for the last eleven years. I have a passion for food, nutrition, health optimization, and movement as well as travel and cooking. I am honored to be an adjunct faculty member at the Parkinson School at Loyola University, where I teach Behavioral Change for Health Promotion and other courses. I am committed to teaching my student the important role dietitians have in community and global health promotion, and encourage them to take pride in this important role in healthcare!

    Research Interest

    Research into behavioral modification, weight management and obesity.

    • BS in Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • MS in Nutrition and Wellness, Benedictine University

    Why is this area of study important at this point in time?

    It is now widely recognized that obesity is a disease that is complicated. The causes of obesity are multifactorial and need to be acknowledged as complex and challenging. In my area of clinical practice in obesity and weight management, it is critical to understand these contributing factors so that we may learn targeted and appropriate interventions. My area of specialization is weight management, which affects most Americans at some point during their lifetime. I utilize my experience as a clinician and registered dietitian when teaching graduate courses to educate my students on the complexity of this disease state. 

    What would you tell a student about why your field is exciting or important?

    As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and an educator, I feel as though I make a positive impact on the lives of my patients and students daily. I love working with a population that needs to illicit behavior change because I can see the results of theory put into practice. My patients and my students inspire me the most because despite challenges or hardship, they persevere. My role as a Registered Dietitian makes an impact on my community, my neighbors, friends and family because my knowledge and expertise in medical nutrition therapy is something that everyone needs access to at times.