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About Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy Sector Program

Philanthropy and the nonprofit sector is a dynamic field in which to build a career. It includes 1.5 million organizations, employs well over 10 million people, has assets of two trillion dollars, and touches almost every facet of American life. Individuals with the skills and knowledge to effectively engage in the field are in great demand.

Since 1998, the Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy Sector Program (NMPS) in the School of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago has been dedicated to educating leaders for the private and public sectors of the philanthropic field to serve society.  The NMPS offers a high quality, professional development program, from which participants acquire skills in nonprofit management, strategic planning, grant-making, and fundraising. They also gain a solid understanding of the philanthropic system, particularly the relationship between foundations and public policy development.

People interested in public service, philanthropy and community-building work, regardless of their fields of specialization, benefit from participation in the program. Private and corporate grant-making foundations and nonprofit organizations are involved in every aspect of societal engagement from community development to health to world peace. Therefore, expertise in the distribution of philanthropic resources as well as improving the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations is invaluable whether someone is a community-service practitioner, researcher or policymaker.

The Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy Sector program is open to graduate students across the university's various academic departments, as well as to professionals who want to further their knowledge and expertise in this area. This innovative educational program combines formal classroom instruction with an internship learning experience, and draws on the rich array of knowledge and expertise found in nonprofit organizations and philanthropic institutions in the Chicago area.

The program covers a 12-month period and consists of a three-course sequence that provides in-depth understanding of the underlying theory, practice and public policy issues surrounding the field of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. Each of the three courses is three graduate credit hours. Upon completion of the nine-credit-hour program, students are awarded a Certificate of Advanced Study in Philanthropy. Graduates from the program consistently report positive changes in their career options as a result of their participation in the program. They secure positions as grant-makers in foundations and grant programs, as administrators and development personnel in nonprofit organizations, and other challenging positions in both the public and private sectors.

In addition to the primary coursework, students have opportunities to participate in various seminars, public forums and research projects sponsored by the program.