Loyola University Chicago


Advisory Committee

The Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy Sector program (NMPS) in the School of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago is committed to excellence in its Certificate of Advanced Study in Philanthropy program.  And since 1998, the NMPS has been dedicated to educating leaders for the private and public sectors of the philanthropic field to serve society.   To help us achieve this goal and maintain an effective Certificate program, we rely on expert advice from recognized and respected leaders and representatives in the nonprofit and philanthropic communities who have experience of the nonprofit and philanthropic sector, and how organizations operate on both sides of funding. 

To help meet the occupational and professional needs of our students, the NMPS is asking industry leaders and representatives to work with us in an advisory capacity to improve our program and curriculum. 

The NMPS is restoring its advisory committee to consist of at least five industry leaders and professionals, and at least two Loyola faculty and professionals as ex-officio, non-voting members.

The general functions of the NMPS Advisory Committee are serve three - year terms to collaborate with us in an advisory capacity, and assist in answering the following questions:

  • Is the NMPS curriculum addressing industry needs?
  • Are NMPS students and alumni prepared for the future job market?
  • What should their NMPS training include?
  • How do/can NMPS instructors verify competencies to industry standards?

Additionally, the Advisory Committee can enhance the NMPS program by:

  • Providing expert advice (on short- and long-range plans) and recommendations
  • Offering diverse points of view
  • Helping to keep Certificate program effective, contemporaneous, and forward-thinking
  • Assisting in the internship placement and in placement opportunities of certificate graduates
  • Assisting in public relations activities

By participating on this committee, leaders and representatives of the nonprofit and philanthropic communities will have an opportunity to guide Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy Sector Program and its Certificate of Advanced Study in Philanthropy in preparing students for their future, while improving and promoting the NMPS program.