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NMPS: Certificate of Advanced Study In Philanthropy

“The program, through its combination of academic work and hands-on experience, gave me the back ground to successfully make a career transition into the field of philanthropy.”
—Boyd McDowell III, Foundation Director, Seabury Foundation (Class of 2001)

“The conceptual framework and hands on experience offer great potential to enhance and strengthen the field of philanthropy and the  profession…instructors bring years of experience to the program.”
—David Pesqueira, Senior Program Officer, McCormick Foundation

The Certificate of Advanced Study in Philanthropy, offered through the Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy Sector in the School of Social Work, is a 12-month, three course program of study offered at Loyola University Chicago's Water Tower Campus and provides in-depth understanding of the underlying theory, practice and public policy issues surrounding the field of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. Graduates from the Certificate of Advanced Study in Philanthropy program consistently report positive changes in their career options as a result of their participation in the program. They secure positions as grantmakers in foundations and grant programs, as administrators and development personnel in nonprofit organizations, and other challenging positions in both the public and private sectors. In addition to the primary coursework, students have opportunities to participate in various seminars, public forums and research projects sponsored by the program.

Certificate Requirements

(9 credit hours)

  • Nonprofit Organizations (SOWK 713): Fall Semester

  • Philanthropy, Public Policy & Community Change (SOWK 714):Spring semester

  • Internship in Philanthropy (SOWK 715):Rolling basis

    (pre-requisite: completion of SOWK 713 and SOWK 714)

Fall and Spring semesters are 14 weeks. The Summer semester is 12weeks. Students must begin in the Fall taking SOWK 713 as the first class in the sequence. SOWK 713 is an on-line course and SOWK 714 is generally held once a week in the evening. The Internship in Philanthropy course is offered on a rolling basis so that so students can take it when their schedules permit.

Course Information

Nonprofit Organizations (SOWK 713). Nonprofit organizations provide basic human services, help to improve conditions in distressed communities, and serve as a means to enhance and expand the public discourse on social issues throughout the United States and abroad. This course examines the history, growth, and evolution of the nonprofit sector and explores some of the critical management, leadership, and institutional development issues that are key to running an effective nonprofit organization.

Philanthropy, Public Policy, & Community Change (SOWK 714). Organized philanthropy has a long history of charitable giving in the United States. This course examines the role that grant-making foundations and individuals have played in supporting activities designed to reform and enhance public policies, and the significance of that work on local communities. Patterns of giving, policy intervention strategies, and structural issues, as well as programmatic opportunities and constraints are examined.

Internship in Philanthropy (SOWK 715). The internship provides students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in grant-making and a setting through which they can apply the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired through their formal academic training.

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