Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy

Full-Time Faculty

Heidi Malm, PhD

Title/s:  Professor

Office #:  Crown Center 353

Phone: 773.508.2307



Heidi Malm is Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago. Her areas of specialization include ethical theory, bioethics and law. Her academic research focuses on ethical issues involving autonomy and the prevention of harm, with a current focus on issues within the field of preventive medicine and law. She has published on the topics of killing vs. letting die, legal paternalism, medical screening, bad samaritan laws and the duty to aid, consent and the law on rape, and surrogate motherhood, among others, and her articles have appeared in a variety of high-profile journals including Ethics, The Hastings Center Report, Law and Philosophy, American Journal of Bioethics and Philosophy and Public Affairs. She continues to serve as the bioethicist on several committees for the National Institutes of Health and has been an invited speaker at numerous schools of medicine and public health, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Northwestern.


University of Arizona

Research Interests

Ethical theory, applied ethics, philosophy of law