Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy

Claire Lockard

Job Market Candidate

AOS: Feminist Philosophy, Critical Philosophy of Race (esp. Critical Whiteness Studies); AOC: Critical Epistemologies (esp. Epistemic Injustice Literature), Social and Political Philosophy, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Queer Theory

About Claire Lockard

I am a doctoral candidate, and I will be defending my dissertation in the spring of 2022. My interests are in feminist philosophy and critical philosophy of race. In my current research, "On the Uses and Misuses of Interpretive Charity in Philosophy," I critique practices of and calls for charitable interpretation in academic philosophy. I also explore the social and political impacts of being oriented by and toward charitability. I have taught courses in social and political philosophy and have co-authored several papers and book chapters on feminist pedagogy and public scholarship. My teaching is informed by my work with the American Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT), and I am committed to inclusive, student-centered pedagogy.