Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy

Jacob J Andrews

Job Market Candidate

AOS: William of Auxerre, Thomas Aquinas, medieval philosophy, epistemology of religion; AOC: Medieval Islamic philosophy, classical Chinese philosophy, ethics, logic.

About Jacob J. Andrews

I am is a PhD candidate at Loyola University Chicago. I received an MA from Marquette and an MPhil from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. I grew up one mile from Loyola and I currently live in the suburbs of Chicago.

My dissertation is on the religious epistemology of Thomas Aquinas and William of Auxerre. I argue that William, unlike Aquinas, is an “epistemic compatibilist” with regard to faith and natural demonstration: that is, he thinks it is possible to believe a proposition by faith and know how to give a natural, philosophical proof of it at the same time.

I am also working on (1) an article on Aquinas’ reception of Avicenna’s metaphysics and (2) a paper developing a virtue ethics of ritual, drawing on medieval liturgical commentary and classical Confucianism.